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Off Centre Dance Co is very proud of our studio facilities. Located at Unit 1/72 Argyle St, South Windsor. The studio has 2 dance rooms, both with full professional sprung dance floors. Studio 1 is 140sqm (14m by 10m) and Studio 2 is 112sqm (14m by 8m). Both studio’s have a wall of full length mirrors for students to watch themselves improve on their technique, posture and performance quality. We are all about up to date technology so both dance studio’s are set up with bluetooth sound systems and laptops where music and video’s can be accessed by a click of a button. We can also record class attendance as well as access your emergency contact details on the spot if needed.

Off Centre Dance Co uses state of the art software to manage attendance and class rolls. This software allows us to keep up to date records of all the specific needs of our students and is constantly evolving with our studio.

When walking through our front doors we have our reception where important information is on display on a TV screen, which will be updated as needed. It is important to come in to the studio regulary as special events, videos of performances, information about upcoming performances and general information will be available on this display.
Our reception desk will only be occupied on set days however any questions can be directed to our teachers at the end of class or by email. We also have a vending machine available for customers and students to access cold drinks and snacks.

2015 saw the introduction of our singing/music room which brought our room count to 3. This room is almost completely soundproofed and is decked out with keyboard, microphone and recording equipment.

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At Off Centre Dance Co we believe that everyone should to be able to get up and dance, no matter what age or ability level. Thats why our classes are designed with that in mind! From our young stars program to our adults programs, all students are made to feel included and have a great time too! .. More Info

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Voice lessons at Off Centre Dance co are fun and exciting for our students. Catering to absolutely any ability level, our teachers excel at bringing the best out of our students. With multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year at concerts and performances, our singing students stand out from the rest! .. More Info

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Drama and Musical Theatre are our newest additions to our performing arts program! With teachers that are studying film and theatre professionally our students gain the best knowledge of this art form and have a great time doing it! Some of our students have even had opportunities in front of the camera! .. More Info

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Acrobatics is a brilliant way for students to increase their flexibility and learn some pretty cool tricks! With industry professional teachers, our acro class is above the rest and in shows in performances! These classes are broken down into ability levels so students get the very best support. .. More Info

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Cheerleading was added to our class lineup in 2017 and instantly became a hit with our students! Run by an actual working cheerleader! This class is super fun for all who attend .. More Info

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