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Off Centre Dance Co
Online Student Enrollment


Before completing the form please make sure you are familiar with our Terms and Conditions, Class Pricing and Timetable.

Class selection is based on eligibility criteria and suitability. Factions like student age and ability are included when making decisions for the most suitable class. If your selection isn’t the right one, we will contact you to discuss.

Invite only & elite classes are now included on this form however only students who have been specifically invited to these classes will be enrolled. Please do not select these classes unless you have been invited.

A Direct Debit form will also be automatically emailed to your which you are required to complete and return to the studio before any classes are taken.

Once you have completed this form you will be redirected to our payment page. Online registration fee payments are made through Paypal and can be made via credit card or bank account. Registrations are not valid unless payment has been received.

If you wish to see a quick breakdown of our pricing, terms and conditions and timetable, please CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions please contact us prior to completing this form.

If you wish to register multiple students please complete one form per student.


If you are an adult student please complete both sets of parent and student details as yourself.

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